How To Reduce the Cost of Flight Training


by Brian Williamson

Perhaps the most common question a prospective pilot asks is this; how much will it cost me to learn to fly?

It’s a great question. Unfortunately, nobody knows the answer. Nobody. There are plenty of flight schools, and instructors, and random pilots who will throw out a number as if they have real insight into your specific situation. Their number is just a guess, really. They mean well, but they don’t know what your cost will be any more than any other random man or woman on the street might.

Truthfully, the total cost of flight training largely comes down to the individual student:  how well prepared they are when they arrive for each lesson, and how often they fly.

Want to know how to reduce the cost of flight training? It’s easy. 1) Come to your lessons prepared and 2) Fly as often as possible.

The flight student who flies once a week is at a disadvantage. As is the student who doesn’t brief prior to each lesson with their CFI. The student who skips out before completing a post-flight debrief that would give them insight into what they’ll be focusing on in their next lesson is equally likely to make slower progress and spend more dollars in the process.

Lack of preparation leads to lack of progress, both of which are expensive.

On the other hand, the student who takes responsibility for their own training success is very likely to make good progress, find real satisfaction in their training, and spend less money in the process.

Ideally, a successful student will fly at least twice a week. Three times is even better. The ability to retain specific lessons and pick up on visual cues in flight are enhanced considerably by the measure of how frequently a student exposes themselves to those experiences. Understanding and remembering tips your instructor offers before, during, and after each flight also improves through more frequent repetition.

Cost and progress are directly linked for students involved in flight training. Taking an active role in your training and scheduling lessons on a regular basis can not only help most students achieve their goals more quickly, it also tends to allow them to reach their goals with a lesser financial investment.

Be sure to ask the Rexair staffer you deal with about how you can make the most of your training dollar. We have suggestions for each of our clients that are based on the specific goals, needs, and financial status each individual shares with us.

You can do this. We can help. Let’s get started at your earliest convenience.