Airline Pilot Academy Overview

Chart Your Course with RexAir’s Airline Pilot Academy

As a commercial pilot, the sky is not the limit—it’s the beginning. Opportunities abound, so there’s never been a better time to let your career aspirations take flight. According to Boeing, 128,000 pilots are needed in the next 10 years. Would you like to be one of them?

A career as a commercial pilot is at your fingertips at Rexair Airline Pilot Academy! At Rexair, we boast a highly personalized program, modern aircraft and training methods, 360-degree turn-key training, a fantastic location in sunny Sebring, Florida with incredibly weather, and financing options to make our program affordable for our students!

Here is everything you need to succeed in getting your career airborne:


A commercial pilot boasts a great income and world travel, but there are a number of requirements.  Because so much is in your hands, there are strict rules about physical requirements, conduct, education, and experience.

  • Age requirement: 18 years old
  • Language proficiency: Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Must have a private pilot license
  • FAA medical certificate, 2nd class or above
  • Logged training hours from an officially authorized instructor
  • Pass 3 FAA tests
  • Pilot knowledge test
  • Written flight exam
  • Checkride flight exam
  • 250 hours of recorded flight time
  • 100 minimum hours in a powered aircraft
  • 100 minimum hours flying in a PIC (Pilot in Command) training

In order to get a Private Pilot License prior to earning your Professional Pilot License or Commercial Pilot Certificate, you must qualify for a Student Pilot Certificate, which has to be issued by an official FAA Medical Examiner. There are three levels of FAA Medical Certificates. However, a Commercial Pilot has to have a Class I or Class II. If medical conditions prohibit you from getting a Class II or above, you can correct conditions if possible and get the higher clearance.

Commercial Pilot Training

Get your commercial piloting career off the ground with the best education and mentorship. At Rexair’s Airline Pilot Academy, we provide our students with the skills to excel by providing hands-on education, and real-world insights and resources from industry leaders and seasoned professionals.

There are various types of pilot licenses, all regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The license you need depends on the type of commercial pilot you plan on becoming. For example, there are cargo pilots, airline pilots, crop-dusting pilots, etc.


Housing for Rexair Airline Pilot Academy is provided at the campus in Sebring Square, a gated community near the airport. The new community features comfortable new 3-bedroom houses. The community center has a pool, well- equipped gym, shuffle board and pickle ball courts, Tiki Hut and billiard room.

The community atmosphere means there are always other students around for study and recreation.


Rexair Airline Academy uses new RV-12 aircraft for primary training. The RV-12 is a sporty, maneuverable aircraft whose light control forces are perfectly suited to give you the skills required to fly much higher performance aircraft. Its avionics are the best in the industry, with dual touch screens that deliver navigation, traffic, and weather information right to the cockpit. The fully integrated autopilot means that the RV-12 qualifies as a technically advance aircraft (TAA), simplifying the training required for your Commercial Certificate.

In addition to superb handling characteristics, the RV-12 is equipped with the most advanced internal combustion engine in aviation. The engine’s digital control (FADEC), automatically in real time adjusts the ratio of fuel and air in the engine, one less control that you have to learn and think about. The digital system is so accurate that it burns about half as much fuel as a traditional training aircraft, substantially reducing one of the major costs of flight training. As an additional bonus, this amazingly reliable and efficient engine uses unleaded fuel, unlike most aircraft which rely on leaded aviation fuel.


Most pilots learn to fly using the same methods developed during WWII to train military pilots. While there is a lot of wisdom in some of the techniques, a range of new technologies, such as VR and AI, can be used to make the process faster, easier, and less expensive.

Rexair is a leader in using these technologies to make your transition to technically advanced airlines easier. Before embarking on a flight in the airplane, you will practice it in a simulator, reducing the stress of learning new skills for the first time in the air. We have found that this increases your confidence, comfort, and performance.

We’re Your Source for Career Pilot Training in Florida

If you’re looking to further your aviation career, learn new skills, and become a commercial airline pilot, look no further than Rexair Airline Academy.  At Rexair, we train the next generation of pilots with a focus on proficiency, safety, and a readiness to take their training to the next level. Contact us today!