REXAIR PILOT Time Building


In the airline world, there are few things more important than seniority. The lifetime income you will make as a pilot is impacted significantly by the time it takes you to get to the flight deck, which means it is important to build flight hours quickly if you want to maximize your earning potential. If you already hold at least a private pilot certificate and want to accumulate time fast for the next phase of your career, Rexair has a program designed to help you do just that.   


Many time building programs come with numerous restrictions, but at Rexair we want to give you the flexibility to do the kind of flying you want to do. Whether you want to spend your days making local flights that crisscross Florida’s sunny skies or journeying on long cross countries to see faraway places, it is up to you. It is our belief that time building should not be a chore, but an adventure.   



At Rexair, we give you the flexibility and freedom to not just build time, but to build the time of your life. We have three time building packages that can be purchased: a 50-hour package (to be completed in two weeks), a 100-hour package (to be completed in four weeks), and a 200-hour package (to be completed in eight weeks). To begin our program, you will take a 6-hour Time Building Preparation Course offered at our Sebring, FL location to ensure that you become proficient in the Vans RV-12 aircraft. Following successful completion of this course, you will be handed the keys to an RV-12 and allowed to build time your way.   


Do you want to hone your IFR skills by filing an instrument flight plan and practicing diverse approaches at different airports? Or would you rather enjoy the view as you fly VFR across the country and check off landmarks you have always wanted to see from the air? At Rexair, we leave the choice up to you. Throughout the time-building process, you will be provided housing at the Rexair campus in Sebring—it’s all included in the cost.   



The Vans RV-12is is the perfect aircraft to build time in. Light, nimble, and fun, its canopy offers stunning views of the landscape below. Our technologically-advanced aircraft are new and impeccably maintained. They have glass panels with Garmin G3Xs that provide excellent situational awareness—distances, weather, airport information, traffic alerts, terrain heights, and more are right at your fingertips! In addition to being fun, the RV-12 is remarkably economical. It is this aspect of the aircraft that allows us to offer it for such an impressive hourly rate.   


For the time-builder looking for the ultimate savings, flights can be made under instrument flight rules with a safety pilot. Under this arrangement, both pilots can log pilot in command time and split the flight’s hourly cost. To do this, you can either bring a friend when you join us or find another pilot at Rexair looking to build time in this way.   


Interested in reaching your goals both quickly and affordably with us? Sign up today to begin the adventure of a lifetime.  


Program: Gives you the freedom to accumulate flight hours quickly—in the way that you choose.  

The Rexair Advantage: Our aircraft are fuel efficient and technically advanced, and we allow you to fly them where you choose in the United States. Accumulate your hours by flying IFR or VFR—it’s up to you!  

Experience Required: Must have at least a private pilot certificate and 100 hours of flight time. Pilots must complete a 6-hour checkout course in the RV-12 and demonstrate proficiency prior to being allowed to rent.  

Time Required: 2 weeks (50-hour package), 4 weeks (100-hour package), or 8 weeks (200-hour package) 

Location: Sebring, FL 

Aircraft: Vans RV-12 

Housing: Provided  

Price: $7,490 (50-hour package), $14,440 (100-hour package), $28,340 (200-hour package) Note: Prices are calculated at a dry rate—renters must pay for fuel.   

Financing: Available for checkout course, flight hours, and lodging.