Airline Pilot Academy

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Ever dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot? As one of the most respected and trusted airline training academies in Florida, Rexair’s Airline Pilot Academy trains commercial pilots to perform at industry-leading standards. Combining extensive airline experience with a first-class training approach, we radically redefine every aspect of aviation training.

At Rexair, we are committed to creating a variety of career pathways for aspiring commercial pilots by offering a program that is personalized and specifically tailored to our students and their schedules. Our focus on quality and commitment to the best training standards sets us apart from most other training organizations. Regardless of which route you take with Rexair, you will graduate well-prepared and ready to embark on a lucrative career in the airline industry.

Get Your Airline Pilot Career off the Ground

The Rexair Airline Pilot Academy provides training to the next generation of commercial pilots with a focus on proficiency, safety, and a passion for flight. The need for airline pilots has drastically increased, and taking your passion into the workforce is a guaranteed ticket to success. At Rexair Airline Pilot Academy, our top-notch professional pilot training and accelerated courses will get you there in less than three years, even if you currently have zero flight experience.

Choosing a Commercial Pilot School

There are many factors to consider when choosing a commercial pilot school. What makes Rexair a top airline pilot academy is the years of experience our staff has in training pilots and how our flight training center tailors our instruction for a fantastic and exciting experience. Our students enroll because they trust our proven leadership, and we train them to the highest FAA standards. We support our students on their way to a career with the airline of their dreams. Providing safe, talented pilots for commercial airlines, our network of graduates reach great heights. So, if a commercial pilot career is your dream, Rexair Airline Pilot Academy is here to provide the training you’ll need.

Rexair Aviation Academy is Your Future Commercial Pilot Training School!

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