At Rexair Pilot Academy, we will take you from zero flight time and provide all the training you need to reach your professional pilot goals. Already have flying experience or previous pilot certificates? We can help you finish your journey. We will train you not just to be a great pilot, but a consummate professional.

Successful Rexair graduates will be offered a flight instructor role following completion of training. That’s a foundation you can build a career on.


You might be wondering what sets us apart from larger pilot academies. At Rexair, you won’t be lost in the shuffle—you and your career aspirations are our focus. Our small class sizes allow us to give you personalized attention, including individual career counseling.

The training that we offer is not something you will find anywhere else. Our unique 360-Degree Pilot Training program will make you a proficient, professional pilot and give you the confidence you need to land your dream job.

Rexair offers a comprehensive educational experience. We’ll take care of your lodging during your stay, handing you the keys to a new 3-bedroom home in a gated community. In this setting, you and other members of your cohort can study and recreate together.


First Contact: Your journey with us begins here. Fill out our Interest Form  and we will reach out to learn more about you and your goals. Even before you arrive at our campus, you will be assigned an individual training advocate to help you strategize your journey.

Start Date: If you commit to training at Rexair, you’ll be assigned a start date. We’ll be waiting for you when you arrive, ready to hand you the keys to your housing and the resources you will need throughout your stay.

Begin Flight Training: You will begin training in one of our new RV-12 aircraft. Advanced, fuel efficient, and fun to fly—the RV-12 is truly the ideal training aircraft.

First Solo: Talk to any pilot, and they will be able to tell you about the first time they flew an airplane without an instructor on board. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Private Pilot Certificate: The first credential you will earn on your journey, the private pilot certificate will cap off your initial phase of training. In this phase, you will have learned basic flight maneuvers as well as the navigation and communications procedures you need to be a safe, competent pilot.

Instrument Rating: Following the private pilot certificate, you will work to obtain your instrument rating. This rating allows pilots to fly in cloudy weather, using only an aircraft’s instruments for navigation.

Commercial Pilot Certificate: To earn a commercial pilot certificate, you will accumulate 250 hours of flight time and learn maneuvers that will make you an expert at controlling your aircraft. This certificate will allow you to fly for financial compensation.

Flight Instructor Certificate: Becoming a certified flight instructor, or CFI, represents an incredible achievement for any aviator. This certificate will allow you to teach others to fly. After earning it, you will be given the option to instruct at Rexair Pilot Academy.

Begin Instructing at Rexair: Completed our program successfully? Become an instructor, and begin accumulating the hours you need to get to your next career goal.

Your Professional Pilot Goal: After instructing at Rexair Pilot Academy, you will have all the skills, confidence, and flight time you need to reach your personal goal. Rexair is not a one-size-fits-all academy, which means we will give you the personalized assistance you need to find the path that best fits your personality.