Learning to fly is a significant life event. Whether you are learning for personal, business or career reasons, accepting the challenge of mastering flying skills will change the way you think of yourself and how others see you. Qualifying as pilot in command (PIC) will fortify your self confidence and allow you to see the world as few get to, from the front seat of an aircraft.

Although pilots are few in number, we form a worldwide community united by special skills, mindset and interests that forge almost instant bonds with some of the most accomplished people you will ever encounter.


At Rexair, we believe that aviation improves lives. In support of that belief, we maintain a safe and encouraging environment, tailored to you, to support the achievement of your goals. We understand that choosing a flight school is a big decision, and we’re here to help guide you and answer your questions.

Rexair Flight School flies from Naples Airport (KAPF) in the beautiful resort city of Naples, Florida. We offer a full range of flight training, from start through certificates in, Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI). We also offer Instrument Rating, and Multi-Engine Rating.

The time and therefore the cost to learn to fly is based on things such as the individual amount of effort put forth, how often you schedule lessons, and individual aptitude. An average investment is around $13,000 for a Private Certificate. Ask us, and we’ll be happy to share cost cutting strategies.

At RexAir, we have plenty of aircraft and instructors to ensure that you can move through the course as rapidly as you like. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 flight training hours, although most students require more. It’s possible to finish the training in 14 days, providing you come to us with your knowledge test completed and are willing to fly 2-3 times a day. (See our Immersion Training program for more details.) A more typical part time schedule of flying 2-3 times per week is 4-6 months.
Yes! We use respected Sporty’s training materials and curriculum, tailored to your individual needs.

At RexAir, you can use either a Part 61 or 141 curriculum. A Part 141 program is one that is government approved. Such approval comes with many restrictions that may not be appropriate for all students. Unless you are a veteran using VA benefits or an international student, we recommend the more flexible Part 61 program.

Yes, we believe that having a single flight instructor shepherding you through your learning make smoother learning, though we do periodically schedule you with other instructors to confirm your progress and give you a different perspective.
As much as possible! Taking your lessons as often as possible with result in you learning better, in fewer flight hours, spending less money. In our experience, at flying at least twice a week is required for progress.