All About Flight Training

Flight Training in Southwest Florida

Making the choice of where to learn to fly involves quite a few decisions. Not the least of which is, will I enjoy the environment I train in? That question was first posed by the United States Army in 1942…

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Which airplane should I train in?

Before you decide on whether you should train at the flight school in your town or travel to another flight school located hundreds of even thousands of miles away, there is a question you should ask yourself. It is an…

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Flying Often Reduces Cost of Flight Training

Does Reputation Matter When Choosing a Flight School?

Reputation is a peculiar thing. While the reputation of the institutions we associate with says a lot about quality and desirability, reputation is a uniquely subjective term. To a point.  When planning for retirement most of us would prefer to…

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Flight Training Simulator

Using Simulators to Improve Your Flight Training

The airplane is a lousy classroom. That is just as true for experienced flight crew members as it is for brand new student pilots. The airplane can be loud. While you are at the controls you may feel at least some pressure to…

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How To Reduce the Cost of Flight Training

Perhaps the most common question a prospective pilot asks is this; how much will it cost me to learn to fly? It’s a great question. Unfortunately, nobody knows the answer. Nobody. There are plenty of flight schools, and instructors, and…

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How To Become a Pilot

The idea comes in waves. Little triggers occur over a period of time that lead some of us to conclude, I should become a pilot. But how? Where do I go? Who should I talk to? Can I afford it?…

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How Long Does it Take to Become a Pilot?

Private Pilot License (PPL) is the first step for anyone wanting to fly a plane, regardless of whether your long-term ambition is to become a commercial airline pilot or if you just want to fly small planes for fun. The FAA issues about 44,000 Student Pilot Certificates per year…

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