Florida Flight Training: It’s All About the Weather

Florida Flight Training: It’s All About the Weather

One of the most overlooked factors in choosing a flight school is the weather.

The number of flying days will determine how quickly you will progress, and how much it will cost to earn your pilot certificates. In many areas of the country, poor weather moves in and there will be weeks without flying.

The issue is you will not only be prevented from moving forward with your training, you will regress as things you previously learned have to be relearned when the weather improves. The return of good weather will also ignite a scramble for aircraft and instructor time, further delaying your progress.

When you understand how critical good weather is to flight training, it will make sense that the leading flight training organization in the world, the U.S. military, locates its flight training in areas with good weather. Perhaps the most famous is the lead flight training base for the U.S. Navy in Pensacola (home of the Blue Angels). The Navy’s Florida Gulf Coast bases has been training pilots as long as there have been airplanes.

Rexair also is also located on the Florida Gulf Coast. As a matter of fact, both of Rexair’s locations, Naples, Florida and Sebring, Florida, are on airports built to train thousands of pilots during WWII. We take advantage of the excellent weather at our locations every day of the year. It is rare for us to go a single day without flying, much less the weeks of poor training weather that happens in most of the rest of the country.

When you want to be navy serious about flight training, come to Florida.

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