360 Degree Flight Training: What is It?

360 Degree Flight Training: What is It?

Pilot certificates alone are not enough to earn an airline career. Airlines are also looking for pilot applicants who possess the soft and hard skills that are predictors of career long success.

With many of the students going through flight training never having worked before or even attended college, flight training is one of the last opportunities to receive life skills training before beginning a career.

To fill the gap, and to improve the quality of Rexair trained instructors who will be training Rexair Airline Pilot Academy students, we will be offering a curriculum of classes, seminars, workshops and online training to impart the following skills to our students:
• Empathetic Listening
• Agility, Flexibility and Adaptability
• Modern Communication
• Emotional Intelligence
• Creative Thinking
• Employment Interviewing
• Networking for Professionals
• Critical Thinking
• Public Speaking
• Business Awareness

Modeled on the “Whole Person” concept pioneered by Service Academies, Rexair Airline Pilot Academy 360 Degree Training addresses the fact that, in addition to flying skills, commanding an airliner requires the ability to function in a corporate environment, work closely and agreeably with other aircrew, represent the airline to the public, defuse tense situations, and always exercise good judgement.

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