Cirrus Flight Training St. Louis

Look No Further for Cirrus Flight Training in St. Louis

A Cirrus is the most technologically advanced general aviation aircraft on the market to date. At Rexair, our experienced Cirrus Flight Training instructors guide new Cirrus pilots through our Cirrus training program.

At Rexair, our Cirrus Flight Training system consists of a multitude of training resources, including training courses, video explanations, study guides, manuals for aircraft, avionics, system components and more. We will guide you on your journey as a Cirrus pilot and share our skills and knowledge. Our custom training content will be tailored to your specific stage in your Cirrus flying career. As the premier Cirrus Flight Training program in St. Louis, our courses of study are globally recognized as the top method to learn and remain proficient in Cirrus airplanes!

Count on Us for Cirrus Transition Training in St. Louis

The Cirrus Transition course is designed for licensed pilots who wish to fly a Cirrus aircraft. Completing the Transition Training course satisfies most insurance requirements or aircraft checkout procedures for pilots new to Cirrus aircraft. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • understand and operate relevant aircraft systems;
  • maintain positive aircraft control in visual conditions and limited instrument conditions;
  • be able to effectively manage your resources to the extent necessary for flight in visual flight conditions.

Actual time requirements may vary depending on your previous flight experience. For those seeking Cirrus Transition Training in St. Louis and other parts of the U.S., please contact Rexair today to learn more.