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When you choose to fly a Cirrus aircraft, you choose to fly the most advanced general aviation aircraft in the world. If you’re a licensed pilot who completes Cirrus Flight Training with us, you will be able to understand and operate relevant aircraft systems, maintain positive aircraft control in visual conditions and limited instrument conditions.

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At Rexair, we offer the best possible Cirrus Flight Training for Long Island NY residents who are looking to take full advantage of the Cirrus aircraft. When it comes to Cirrus Flight Training, we are committed to helping our students achieve their aviation goals. For some these goals can include those who want to fly casually on weekends to those who are looking to begin a career as a professional pilot. Our flight training programs in are personalized and specifically tailored to our students and their schedules, making them perfect for students from all over the country, including New York, NY.

We’re Your Top Choice for Cirrus Transition Training in New York, NY

Designed for licensed pilots transitioning into a Cirrus aircraft, Cirrus Transition Training focuses on mastering aircraft control and avionics, along with standard procedures. The course satisfies most insurance requirements and includes flight training with an authorized Cirrus Training Partner.

The Cirrus IFR Transition Course is designed for instrument rated pilots who have never flown Cirrus Aircraft who are seeking Cirrus Transition Training. The course will transition current and proficient instrument rated pilots into a Cirrus SR20 or SR22 with a high level of instrument competency. You will be trained in both normal and abnormal scenarios for VFR and IFR operations. Emphasis will be placed on flying in the IFR system. At Rexair, we ensure the best possible Cirrus Transition Training in New York, NY.

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Looking for Cirrus Transition Training in Long Island, NY? If you are current but have never flown a Cirrus, Cirrus Transition is your ideal choice. After completion, combined with some flying of your own, you will become proficient and comfortable with the airplane.

Count on Us for Cirrus Transition Training in Long Island NY

If you are in Long Island, NY or New York, NY or the surrounding areas, contact Rexair for Cirrus Transition Training for NY residents today!