Cirrus Flight Training Minneapolis

Count on RexAir for Cirrus Flight Training in Minneapolis

Cirrus is currently the world’s best-selling general aviation aircraft built for long-distance flying. Using Cirrus as our platform, we at Rexair believe strongly that the best way for those looking for flight training to learn how to fly is to immerse themselves in it.

When you choose to fly a Cirrus aircraft, you choose to fly the most technologically advanced general aviation aircraft in the world. We ensure that our aircraft are the best equipped with every subscription available and are always up-to-date and ready for your use.

At Rexair, our network of flight training professionals are top experts in Cirrus flight training, and are highly relied upon for those seeking Cirrus Flight Training in Minneapolis.

We’re Your Top Choice for Cirrus Transition Training in Minneapolis

At Rexair, our Cirrus Transition Training is designed to prepare pilots to be current and proficient regarding VFR flight training in Cirrus aircraft. As with all flight training, timely completion of this course is dependent on the performance and proficiency of the Cirrus pilot, the completion of the required prerequisites, and of course, the weather.

Successful on-schedule completion of Cirrus Transition Training is heavily dependent on devoting the proper amount of time to reviewing and studying the pre-training material. The transition course is composed of required lessons and in-flight time. Cirrus pilots should keep in mind that successful completion of the course is dependent on meeting all the requirements of Cirrus training standards.

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At Rexair, we encourage you to challenge yourself while you’re with an instructor, so that you can feel comfortable doing almost anything when you’re flying alone. We want you to fly with the maximum level of skill and safety. If you are looking for Cirrus Flight Training or Cirrus Transition Training in Minneapolis, contact us today for more details!