Cirrus Flight Training Detroit

We’re Your Source for Cirrus Flight Training in Detroit

Personal aviation can transform your life. Travel becomes efficient and effortless! At Rexair, our Cirrus Flight Training instructors are personally trained and evaluated to ensure an excellent experience for each and every customer.

At Rexair, we offer flight training for all single-engine land, and multi-engine land certifications, from private pilot through ATP. Our top priority is helping students who are seeking Cirrus Flight Training in Detroit, to achieve their aviation goals. For some these goals can include flying on the weekends for fun, and for others they may involve preparing for a career as a professional pilot. Our flight training programs are personalized and specifically tailored to our students and their schedules.

Count on us for Cirrus Transition Training in Detroit

Completed over the course of 3-5 days, our Cirrus Transition Training courses are designed for licensed pilots to transition into flying a Cirrus for the first time. You’ll focus on aircraft control, engine management, avionics procedures and abnormal situations in VFR conditions.

Cirrus Transition Training focuses on mastering aircraft control and avionics, along with standard procedures. The transition course is designed for licensed pilots who wish to fly Cirrus aircraft. If you are current but have never flown a Cirrus, the transition course is your ideal choice.

After completion, combined with some flying of your own, you will feel at ease with the Cirrus aircraft. Rexair offers Cirrus Transition Training for those seeking top Cirrus Transition Training in Detroit. Contact us to learn more today!