Cirrus Flight Training Columbus, Ohio

Count on us for Cirrus Flight Training in Columbus, Ohio

At Rexair, we teach clients in Columbus, Ohio and around the U.S. who are seeking flight training to understand and operate Cirrus aircraft systems, maintain positive aircraft control in visual conditions, as well as limited instrument conditions. Due to the technology integrated into the aircraft, we place emphasis on your ability to effectively manage these resources to the extent necessary for flight in visual flight conditions.

Completion, combined with some flying of your own, will make you comfortable with the Cirrus airplane. Some of our Cirrus Flight Training course can accomplish the requirements for a flight review.

We’re Your Premier Choice for Cirrus Transition Training in Columbus, Ohio

At Rexair, our Cirrus transition course is designed for licensed pilots who wish to fly Cirrus aircraft. If you are current but have never flown a Cirrus, the transition course has excellent structure and includes in-flight training with one of our Cirrus Transition Training instructors.

The Cirrus IFR Transition Course is designed for instrument rated pilots who have never flown Cirrus Aircraft who are seeking Cirrus Transition Training in Columbus, Ohio. The course will transition current and proficient instrument rated pilots into a Cirrus SR20 or SR22 with a high level of instrument competency. You will be trained in both normal and abnormal scenarios for VFR and IFR operations. Emphasis will be placed on flying in the IFR system.

After completion, combined with some VFR flying of your own, you will feel more at ease with the airplane in VFR conditions. In a very short time, our Cirrus Transition Training clients will become proficient enough to safely operate Cirrus Aircraft.

Contact Rexair today for more details about Cirrus Flight Training. We are a popular choice for those seeking Cirrus Transition Training in Columbus, Ohio!