Cirrus Flight Training Chicago

We’re Your Source for Cirrus Flight Training in Chicago

When you choose to fly a Cirrus aircraft, you choose to fly the most technologically advanced general aviation aircraft in the world. After you complete the Cirrus Flight Training course, you will be able to understand and operate relevant aircraft systems, maintain positive aircraft control in visual conditions and limited instrument conditions.

At Rexair, we offer certified Cirrus instructors, combined with real world flight experiences to ensure the best possible Cirrus Flight Training in Chicago.

We’re Your Top Choice for Cirrus Transition Training in Chicago

If you’re a licensed pilot who is looking for Cirrus Transition Training in Chicago, Rexair is the ideal resource.  Designed for licensed pilots transitioning into a Cirrus aircraft, our Cirrus Transition Training program focuses on mastering aircraft control and avionics, along with standard procedures. The course satisfies most insurance requirements and includes flight training with an authorized Cirrus Training Partner.

The transition course is designed for licensed pilots who wish to fly Cirrus aircraft. If you are a current pilot but have never flown a Cirrus, the transition course is your ideal choice. After completion, combined with some flying of your own, you will become proficient and comfortable with the Cirrus airplane.

Count on Us for Cirrus Instrument Rating in Chicago

At Rexair, our Cirrus Instrument Rating program will allow you to efficiently become a safe Instrument pilot who will be able to get the most out of your Cirrus and its advanced systems.

Looking for Cirrus Instrument Rating in Chicago? Rexair is the right choice. We teach our clients how to be safe pilots – proficient with everything the Cirrus has to offer. Having taught in Cirrus aircraft for years, we are a highly experienced Cirrus Instrument Rating training company.

With Rexair’s Cirrus Instrument Rating training program, you will learn to fly straight and level, perform standard rate turns, constant speed climbs and descents, and numerous other maneuvers all by reference to instruments. You will fly along airways, in controlled and uncontrolled airspace, learn the functions of your avionics, become able to file flight plans, copy clearances, interpret weather, and fly safely in the system. You will also become more proficient at approaches and prepare for the check ride. The training will build upon and incorporate missed approach procedures, holds, and circle-to-land approaches. This stage is completed when you pass your check ride and are an instrument rated pilot.

Contact Rexair for the best Cirrus Transition Training and Instrument Rating available!