Cirrus Flight Training Boston

We’re Your Source for Cirrus Flight Training in Boston

Interested in flying one of the most advanced aircraft available in general aviation?  Complete our Cirrus Flight Training Cirrus Transition Training to get familiar with Cirrus operations and procedures to fly safely in most conditions.  Cirrus Instrument Rating for also includes instrument procedures for IFR flying.  For those seeking Cirrus Flight Training in Boston, Rexair is the perfect choice! After completion, combined with some VFR flying of your own, you will become proficient and comfortable with the airplane in VFR conditions.

Count on RexAir for Cirrus Transition Training in Boston

When you received training in your Cirrus, it may have felt like a whirlwind of information and flying.  Now that you have some time under your belt and are starting to feel comfortable with flying, it’s time to take your proficiency to the next level.  Our Cirrus Transition Training focuses on making the most use out of your aircraft. If your flying will be in Cirrus aircraft, you owe it to yourself to learn on the system you will be using, focusing on employing modern technology to its maximum extent, leaving behind arcane instruments and methods that belong in the past.

We Offer Top Notch Cirrus Instrument Rating in Boston

At Rexair, we teach our clients to:

  • fly straight and level;
  • perform standard rate turns, constant speed climbs and descents, and numerous other maneuvers all by reference to instruments;
  • fly along airways, in controlled and uncontrolled airspace, learn the functions of your avionics, become able to file flight plans, copy clearances, interpret weather, and fly safely in the system;
  • become more proficient at approaches and prepare for the check ride.

The training will build upon and incorporate missed approach procedures, holds, and circle-to-land approaches. This stage is completed when you pass your check ride and are an instrument rated pilot. If you are looking for Cirrus Instrument Rating in Boston, look no further than Rexair.