I just had some service done on my aircraft at Rex Air (N35315). It is important for you to know that I had a remarkable relationship with my mechanics in New York. We were like family. Today, I was completely impressed with the experience at Rex Air. Will took my job right away. The service was perfect. And, I received my plane in better condition than when I brought it to your shop. (Both mechanically and cosmetically). Interestingly, my Skyhawk sat in NY for over six months until I brought it down to Naples. It was dirty and tired from sitting unattended. I got it back from the repair (a bad PTT switch and a blocked pitot tube) cleaned, inside and out.

You have no idea how important it is to me that I found Rex Air. I totally enjoyed my experience with Carlos for my flight review. He is a professional you should be proud to have. And, Will and his crew require supreme recognition for their understanding of quality service. Will even gave me a lift back to my car after I delivered the plane this morning.

Thank you, Rex, for everything to date. Although our relationship is new, you should know that I am delighted to be doing business with your firm. You are all professionals and exceed expectations in every way.

Best regards, Bob Dubester

Bill Ahmann
Director of Maintenance
Naples Facility
Bill Ahmann joined the RexAir Team as Director of Maintenance to oversee our Cirrus Service Center.  Bill has over 30 years experience in aviation with 19 years working on Cirrus aircraft SR20, SR22, 22T series aircraft and managing MRO operations, piston and turbine aircraft 135 DOM duties.  Bill will also be responsible for our RexAir Lakeland Maintenance Facility.

Regino Medina
Director of Maintenance
Lakeland Facility
Regino “Gino” Medina is our Director of Maintenance for the Lakeland operations.  Gino has past experience specializing with Citation 500, 501 and 550 series, King Airs all series, Piper Cheyenne all series, besides the Piston cabin class twin and single-engine aircraft.

Rob Jones
Maintenance Technician

Mike Faulkenbury
Maintenance Technician

Donna Burger
Maintenance Administrator

Franklin Alviarex
Maintenance Technician

Josh Brown
Line Service


Andy Strickland
Line Service

Maintenance Department busy at work…