Effective: 11/04/16

Experience Flight -- $149.00 Introductory Offer

RexAir has served Southwest Florida for the past 16 years sharing the experience of flight with interested individuals. This awesome exposure to the freedom of flight with a “bird's eye view ” can change your perspective on life. When you call to schedule, please tell our staff member you would like the $149.00 Introductory Flight for an experience that you will want to share with your friends. Call 239-649-8822 to schedule your appointment.




Cessna 172SP, GPS IFR N21670
$ 124.00/Hr Dry
Cessna 172SP, GPS IFR N100PM
$ 124.00/Hr Dry

Cessna 172SP, GPS IFR


$ 124.00/Hr Dry    
Piper Arrow, Retractable, IFR N55330 $ 149.00/Hr Dry    
Cessna 182T, Glass GPS IFR N111HK
$ 229.00/Hr Dry
Cirrus SR22-G6, Perspective Glass N-Pending $ Pending/Hr Dry      
Cirrus SR22-G5, Perspective Glass N718TL $ 259.00/Hr Dry      
Cirrus SR22-G5, Perspective Glass N224CE $ 259.00/Hr Dry      
Multi-Engine Pending N-Pending $ Pending/Hr Dry      
Cirrus & Garmin 1000 Ground Trainer HP Trng
$ 40.00/Hr
Aircraft Power Up for Training PwrSupply $ 50.00/Hr      
Flight Training Device S/E or M/E EliteSim
$ 49.00/Hr
Flight Training Device w/Instructor Elite & CFI
$ 119.00/Hr

Financing available through Pilot Finance Inc.



Flight or Ground Instruction
Multi-Engine Instruction
Cirrus CSIP Instruction      
CFI Instruction
Chief Pilot/Owner      
Flight Training Device Instruction
In Your Own Airplane  
Headset Rental $7.00 per Day
LifeVest Rental $7.00 per Day
Life Raft Rental $25.00 per Day
Pilot FAA Written Exams $165.00 per Exam (PPL-ATPL)
FAA Pilot Medical Exams $120.00 per Medical
FAA Flight Check Rides $600.00 and up depending on Check Ride

Additional 6% Florida Sales Tax will be added to Aircraft Rental Rates.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.
**50 Hour Block Rate Per Hour Dry